Border has established health and safety guidelines and practices for employees and subcontractors involved in all projects and fieldwork. The health and safety program contains detailed information pertaining to site activities, personal protection, potential hazards, chemical information, contingency plans, and communication procedures; aimed at maintaining the health and safety of site personnel, subcontractors, the general public, and the environment. All personnel and visitors that visit our job sites are briefed on site safety practices.
Projects work best when performed as a cooperative effort between the customer and contractor, and that is how Border approaches every project. We apply our policies of quality, timelines, and superior customer service to every project we perform. Our goal is to be the most responsive contractor you have ever worked with, and we demonstrate our commitment to that goal. Border’s experience and proven competence, coupled with our personnel and financial strength make us the ideal contractor for your project.
As part of our services package, our team works with our clients to develop strategic logistics and phasing plans to minimize disruption on all of our projects. To maximize productivity and safety, and minimize the impact of the work at hand, we conduct in-depth studies of the site conditions, design requirements, and prepare a preliminary scope and design. The scope of the demolition and environmental strategic plan will include a site logistics plan, demolition and environmental phasing plan, site safety plan, trades contracting plan, and quality control plan. As the site manager, it is our responsibility to develop an approach that allows for the following:

  • Expert equipment and facility dismantlement
  • Scaffold erection (if needed)
  • Asbestos abatement
  • Decontamination
  • Equipment and material salvage and relocation
  • Waste disposal
  • Border Demolition & Environmental Inc. Safety and Quality