Border has performed a variety of demolition jobs over the last 10 years. These variety of projects include a range from small buildings (2,000 SF) to large multi story buildings (300,000 SF), parking garages, large industrial fuel tanks (i.e. 50,000 gallon), concrete vaults and bunkers, and military family housing units. Border has worked at various federal installations facilities, including DOE sites, which have some of the most stringent environmental compliance rules and regulations.

Some recent projects of interest include the complete demolition of a shopping mall, selective demolition of a 12-story building, demolition of a multi- story parking garage (demo was performed with a “high-reach” excavator), and demolition of homes for the US Air Force. Border has also performed many hazmat abatement and mold abatement projects, many of which have involved the actual design of the abatement process. Border performs all projects with our own personnel, which we believe, creates a more controlled environment for our company, employees and customers. Border has performed numerous jobs, both in Texas and New Mexico for the US Army Corps of Engineers. These jobs have been performed as a Subcontractor to various General Contractors throughout Texas and New Mexico.