Why Border?

7 Compelling Reasons to Select Border

  • Customer Knowledge: We will leverage our Team’s 120 years of in-depth experience and knowledge with demolition, environmental remediation and construction industry to support your efforts—no learning curve or “ramp up” time will be involved.
  • Minimized Risk: We provide seasoned project managers, supervisors and quality control specialists experienced and trained in safety—your risk is thereby minimized.
  • Exceptional Expertise: Our personnel often exceed the levels of technical expertise specified in any scope of work and are fully knowledgeable in innovative technologies and problem-solving skills—such expertise is essential for providing a wide gamut of support capabilities.
  • Quality Assurance: We will apply rigorous quality assurance and control processes specifically designed to address our customers needs —our structured approaches to quality yield dependable, repeatable processes and professional solutions.
  • Extensive Resources: Our Team offers extensive resources to support projects on a nation-wide level—we have established exceptional past performance on concurrent projects at various locations.
  • Corporate Commitment: We stand ready to provide the proficiency needed to support your project in all facets—we are unquestionably fully committed to delivering high quality and responsive solutions.
  • Financial Resources: We have a guaranteed line of credit for all commencement and material costs. We have the necessary financial resources to start-up quickly and purchase all required materials before being paid.
    Border Demolition & Environmental Inc.